Why should you have Voy Home Services maintaining your roof?

It’s that time of year again when the rains are coming down consistently and the days are getting shorter. The leaves are dropping, not necessarily on the ground but on your house. The rain washes the leaves into your gutters and now you’ve got a clog. The water begins pouring over the edge of the gutter and finds the most inconvenient spot to pour out usually flooding your garden or splashing into your crawl-space. Something must be done! You walk out to the yard to see what is causing this waterfall and then discover that on top of everything else, you’ve got moss!

So what do you do about it? Who can you trust to take care of this parasite? Why is it even so bad? Well these are all great questions to ask.

Lets start first with the why, why is this bad? The real reason is moss incubates the mildew that digests the roof. Moss eats the sandstone fillers that are used to bond the roofing granules to the roofing and causes them to fall apart over time. Moss catches rain and soil, shelters the sun and hold in the heat. That’s a textbook incubator. This switches the mildew growth into overdrive and it eats the roofing day and night until its either stopped or it tears the roofing apart.

What do you do about it? There are a number of home remedies out there that all come with their own pros and cons.

1. Broom – Sometimes all your roof needs is a good sweeping. Sure, it’s fun to sit up on the roof like you’re playing king of the hill with your neighbors and blow debris off the roof with your big (grunt grunt) pressure washer. On the other hand, we have helped many roofs with a broom or a backpack blower. Just blow the debris off every two or three months. As long as there is no mildew growing on the roof, this is all you need.

2. Moss killer – Zinc sulfate is effective for killing and preventing moss for your roof or other surfaces. It uses zinc suspended in a salt, and as the rain dissolves the salts, they spread across the roof and make the moss unable to grow. Unfortunately, this only lasts six months and the moss begins to grow again. The other concern with zinc is that it is a heavy metal and the zinc that comes off the roof either enters the ground water or the streams through the storm water systems.

3. Zinc strips – Zinc strips have the same effect as the zinc sulfate powder but are often less effective as they are fastened to the apex of the roof only. Zinc only has an effective range on most roofs of 3-4 feet so one strip is not likely to effectively ward off all the moss. They do last longer than just one application of zinc powder but they do have a tendency to discolor the roof as well as giving off zinc heavy metals to contaminate the ground.

4. Call a pro – There are many options out there to clean moss from your roof. The biggest piece of advice I have for you is make sure you check the contractors license/insurance and make sure they don’t pressure wash your roof. Pressure washing a roof, no matter how gentle, will take years of life off the roof.

So who do you call? Well you can call us for one, Voy Home Services. There are many contractors like us out there who not only have the proper insurance and know-how, but care about you and your biggest investment. Another contractor is Jeremy Hudson with Heavy Hydro in Lakewood (253) 999-3941. His website is heavyhydropnw.com and he is a great contractor, a trustworthy provider and offers more than just roof cleaning services. Whoever you choose, make sure they are offering you no-pressure washing and if they are doing it correctly they should be offering you a no-moss guarantee. Pressure washing only deals with the debris, soft washing deals with the root issue. Voy Home Services Soft-Wash application comes with a 3-year written guarantee and you can extend that warranty an additional 5 years with our Voy Seal and Coat product. The average 25 year roof in the PNW is only lasting 16 years because of maintenance and we are looking to change that, one roof at a time.

And remember, your home isn’t clean until its VOY clean!