Voy Home Services removes difficult pet odors and stains. This is an aftershot of dog urine removalWhat do you see in this photo? Nice clean carpets right? The cleaner was just here, they vacuumed everything and the kitchen looks wonderful! But there is an annoying smell that lingers in the air. Every time the sun shines on the carpet or the spring rains come, it makes the smell worse. What is that smell? Why does this happen?

Well let’s turn the UV light on and see what our naked eyes can’t see.Voy Home Services uses special eco-friendly treatment to get to tough stains and spots like cat and dog urine.

There it is. You can’t see it normally, but it’s there. It’s an old urine stain, and they are present all around the room. They are all up and down the stairs, they are everywhere. But you can’t see them because it isn’t urine, it’s salts. The salts and proteins left over from the animal pee has burned its way into the fibers and is making a stand.

“But we had the carpets cleaned and still they smell? They even put deodorant down?”

Yes, these spots will survive a regular carpet cleaning and “deodorizers” are only a band-aid, not a solution. The only way to clean these areas is with an enzyme. An enzyme is an active bacteria that is specific to digesting salts and proteins that create both pet stains and odors. These enzymes have to be applied to the carpet before the cleaning and left to work. Think about a buffet and you load up your plate, now you have to eat and it takes time. Same with the enzyme, it needs time to work.

Once the enzyme has feasted, the carpets can be clean like normal and the smell from the salts will be neutralized (if it was applied properly).

Voy Home Services is an IICRC Certified firm and understands the science behind carpet cleaning. We offer a 100% guarantee to cure your pet stain and odor issue. Give us a call if you have problem odors or would just like to keep your home clean and fresh.