Using Voy’s carpet program to save carpets in your rentals

One of the most common complaints I hear from landlords is about tenants who destroy the carpets. Carpets are a cheap and healthy floor choice to put in any rental but are a major pain-point to any landlord or management company. The floors are usually always very soiled, most of the time irreparable damage has occurred and it becomes an issue between the tenant and landlord.

Why does this happen? Why doesn’t someone take care of these carpets? Who’s responsibility is this?

Well let’s start with a typical situation. The property owner or management company usually have written into the rental contract or lease agreement that it is the tenants responsibility to maintain the carpets and to have them cleaned when they leave. That’s it, I’ve never seen any requirements for regular maintenance or even recommendations on how often the carpets get vacuumed. Just once for cleaning, when you leave. This is often times disastrous as soils get embedded into the carpets and are continually ground into the fibers causing abrasion, fiber breakage and the damage becomes permanent. There is also areas around fire mantles that will unravel, pet stains that decompose the carpets because they are left untreated and seams that separate causing further damage. All of these things, when left unnoticed, will cause the carpets to be beyond repair and have to be ripped out when the tenant leaves.

Often times the deposit doesn’t cover a full house of carpet and they have to go after the tenant. There ends up being additional collection fees, court costs, lawyers, etc….

Ok so from the tenant side, why doesn’t the tenant take care of the carpets? After all, they are living there. This is their home?

The emotion I see the most when it comes to tenants taking care of their floors is apathy. This isn’t their home and carpet cleaning (to them) isn’t an investment in their own cleanliness but an investment in the property that they just aren’t willing to pay. Like to them, somehow cleaning their carpets is putting more money in their landlords pockets.

So you have this “battle” raging, this cold-war if you will. Both sides believe it’s the responsibility of the other to take care of the carpets and neither are actually taking care like they should. So what is the solution?

The CRI recommends you have your carpets hot water extracted every 8-12 months in your home by a professional carpet cleaner. How would you ever enforce this? Well here at Voy Home Services we have a program called our Stay Voy Clean program. This program takes your first-time cleaning price to determine your membership rate and makes it an easy monthly payment and for that price we will hot water extract your carpets every six months, reapply the fiber protector and leave the carpets dry and clean, all for about the price of one cleaning a year.

So here’s how it works; let’s say your rental home has 1000 sq/ft of carpet or 800 sq/ft of carpet and a stairwell. To clean this home regular and reapply protectant is $640. We can sign this home up in our Stay Voy Clean program for $64/month and the carpets would stay clean for the conceivable future. In addition we would be in the home every six months and would be able to have an opportunity to stay on top of carpet repairs needed, pet accidents or pulled seams. The great thing is all of our additional carpet services are 20% off when we take care of them during the normal clean service!

So who is paying for all of this? Well what we suggest is to roll the monthly cost into the lease and have the tenant pay it as part of the rent. Included in that rent is two carpet cleans a year that we will schedule with the tenant. Not only will the tenant be super happy about the great carpet cleaning they are going to get while they live there, but additional spots, rips, burns and damage will be taken care of (at the tenants expense) and won’t be a giant issue when they move out. The best part is, they don’t know they are paying for it!

In addition we can roll other things into this program like window cleaning, driveway cleaning, gutter cleaning and roof Soft-Wash service making it easy and affordable to keep your rentals in top shape.

And remember, your home isn’t clean until it’s Voy clean!!