Have you had your carpets cleaned only to have a stain resurface hours or days after? Well believe it or not, this is actually very common in the carpet cleaning industry. The main difference between carpet cleaners is how they handle this issue. But before we get into that, let’s talk about the three different outcomes and how we handle them.

First outcome (the preferred outcome) is Voy Home Services come and cleans your carpets and none of the stains resurface “like when the last cleaner did the job” and you are happy with the way your carpets feel and smell. This is our goal every time. But this doesn’t always go as planned.

The second outcome is called wicking. You see, if you spill an entire glass of coffee or red wine, you will soak the carpet down to at least the backing. When we perform a hot-water extraction, we can sometimes moisten the carpet down to the backing to get the stain out. As the carpet dries, some of the material in the backing with become suspended in the water and “wick” to the top of the carpet fiber. As the water evaporates it leaves behind a new “spot” in the tips of the carpet fibers. Many cleaners struggle with these situation because they do not understand what is happening. If they clean the spot again with water, it only starts the process over again and usually the spot will come back bigger that before. At Voy Home Services we understand the chemistry behind these issues and have low-moisture solutions to clean these areas so the stains do not return.

The final outcome I want to discuss is the stain that takes a week or so to come back. This is due to an improper clean. Think of it this way; imagine you spill some clear soda like 7up on your carpet. Now this soda has no color so if you leave it to dry, there will be no spot on the carpet. Now walk across the carpet for a few weeks. There will now be a very pronounced stain in the shapes of the soda spots. This is because the soda has created a sticky residue and now all the dry soils that would otherwise be hiding in the fibers or vacuumed up during a normal vacuum routine are staying stuck to the fibers. If an improper clean is performed using improper PH or too little agitation or rinse, the dirt can be removed from the residue without the residue being removed from the carpet fibers. The carpets will “look” clean after the service but in all actuality have been left with the sticky residue in tact and will resoil very quickly. Voy Home Services technicians are trained to identify and eradicate these types of issues with proper Ph and hot water extraction.

Now we talk about customer service. Voy Home Services is a quality and relationship based company and we want to take care of our customers first. When there is an event like wicking or a resoil issue, please don’t hesitate to give us a call, text or email and we will be happy to clean these areas again absolutely free of charge!! It’s something that happens sometimes and we are here to take care of our customers.

And remember you’re home isn’t clean until it’s Voy clean!!