Purchase a house this summer? Did it come with a moss warranty?

The most common request we get is for a roof cleaning from a homeowner who is looking to list their home on the market. They are usually in a hurry because they just had their realtor over to list the house and were told they need to get the roof cleaned before they list the house that weekend. I always offer our Voy Seal and Coat but invariably, they are on a budget and that’s just not in the budget.

So what is the Voy Seal and Coat product? It is a microbiocide with an acrylic bonding agent that bonds itself to the roofing and prevents moss, mildew and lichens from being able to grow on the roof. It also has the benefit of helping repair the bonds that hold the roof granules to the roofing which helps the roofing to last longer.

So most of the time when a homeowner cleans a roof, they are using cold water and pressure only. They are not sanitizing anything and the mildew begins growing back immediately. Additionally, the high pressure exposes a lot of the sandstone that feeds the mildew so the growth will often be more than before. With the Voy Seal and Coat product you will be able to rest assured that there will be no moss or mildew growth for three years, guaranteed in writing.

And as always, you’re home isn’t clean until it’s VOY clean!!