Price shopping or Quality shopping?

Voy Home Services gets to and cleans the toughest spots on your carpet that the human eye can't see.Let’s all be honest, cleaning carpet can be expensive and a real cramp in your day. Every time I show up to a customers home, I realize that I’m a tolerated inconvenience. I will be in and around all your personal belongings, I will witness the stains that you or your family have made in the carpets and yes, I will notice the things tied to the bedposts in your room.

Beyond my oath to my clients that I will never repeat the things I see or find inside your home, what else do I bring to the table? Why should you consider using Voy Home Services instead of using another cheaper service. I mean if you look, you will always find one. But is cheaper really the same? Will a cheaper service really get you what you asked for? Will you ultimately be happy with the service or will you end up exactly where you’ve been before, hours of your time gone, wet carpets and buyers remorse.

I’m not going to write about all the things my competition does wrong, but about what we commit to doing right.

I had a meeting with a business consultant the other day and one of his suggestions was to practice the old “bait and switch” routine. He denied that was what he was suggesting but when I broke it down to him that’s what he was implying. This tactic involves “hooking” a client in for an impossibly low price then “up selling” them additional options that they would need in order to do a reasonable and acceptable job. Let me just tell you that I will never do that. In fact it is one of the key principles i built my business on. I have watched so many before me practice this type of business scheme and end up closing down business years later when business runs off and they go broke. Ultimately when I am at your home I acknowledge that i am putting you in a corner that you may or may not feel comfortable with and I want you to have all the information available to you before I arrive so there is no pressure. I will recommend things like pet spot treatments and ScotchGard protectant but verify those recommendations when I arrive. Just last week I showed up to a cleaning where the customer was concerned about the pet smell. After I inspected with my black light I did not detect any salt or proteins in the carpet so pet enzyme treatment was not necessary. His initial estimate of $240 went down to $149.99 for the three areas plus the ScotchGard. Now my competitors would have given a $85 initial estimate but would have ended up the same price or higher because their business is all based on up-selling, even if its not necessary.

The other factor is quality. We are an IICRC certified firm and our techs are IICRC certified in the areas of cleaning that you need. What does that mean to you? Well that means you will be getting the best quality clean possible. It means that we have more than just one process to get stains out of carpet, and we will stop at nothing to get the best possible clean and product for you. So much carpet is ripped up and replaced these days because so many companies just don’t get the additional education needed to figure out how to deal with newer carpet fibers and techniques. Part of our IICRC certification comes with continued education so that we always keep up on the latest advances in cleaning technology. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is to simply clean over pet stains and odors then add “deodorant” to help with the smell. The truth is that this does very little to combat pet odors and the smell will linger. Voy warranties its process to clean these types of odor issues 100%.

Finally though we take every step necessary to protect your home from our tools, hoses and the outside elements. It’s standard practice on every job. We make every effort to make you feel comfortable with having us in your home and the homes of your friends and family. Cutting corners is never a good practice for anything you do, it will not get you a good product ever. If you just want the receipt that shows you had your carpets cleaned, we may not be a good fit for you. But if you are looking for a great cleaning company that will leave you with the best possible clean and not leave behind stick residues or wet carpets that take day to dry, then give us a call. We are happy to help.