There is no denying that carpets are the most heathy surface to have in the majority of your home, but how often should they be cleaned?

There are many schools of thought on this but one thing remains true, carpets are a filter and need to periodically be cleaned. The CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) recommends you have your carpets hot-water extracted every 8-12 months. This interval takes average variables into account (2.3 kids and daily vacuuming)

Some of us have a-typical homes and can need more or less frequent cleanings dependant on our variables. Additional kids, heavy outside/inside traffic, pets, disabled residents who never leave the home and home ventilation are all factors that will drastically effect the indoor air quality of your home. The more dirt, dander, pollin, bacteria and skin cells that come in a home, the more work our carpets do to filter the air. Once the carpets get saturated, it’s time to clean them.

But how do we know? Is there visual indicators? No, there are not visual indicators that you need a maintenance cleaning. During a maintenance cleaning you will barely notice a difference in color or hue. It’s only when you have waited too long that you notice the “traffic lines” and at this point we are not doing a cleaning but a “restoration.”

“So the CRI recommends 8-12 month intervals, where am I at in this range?” Let’s give a couple scenarios; one is a couple who work for an electronics company. They are only home in the evenings after work making dinner and are active socially on the weekends. They have no kids or dogs and have an air conditioned home. The couple is very clean and vacuums at least twice a week. In this scenario I wouldn’t recommend any more than a 12 month interval unless one of them was super sensitive to dander, pollen or mites.

Scenario two; a couple has four kids and two dogs. They are very active during the week as two of the kids are still home with mom during the day. The older two enjoy outdoor sports and make frequent trips in and out playing outside. With all the sports sweat in the home, mom likes to leave the windows open to keep the home “fresh” but neither she or her husband get a chance to vacuum as often as she would like. The vacuum get pulled out maybe once a month. In this scenario i am usually called in to restore the carpets after they have been heavily soiled. There may be some permanent damage to the carpet by the time I’m called as soiling between the fibers and foot-traffic will cause abrasion to the carpet fibers. After the cleaning I will have a conversation with the homeowners about our “Stay Voy Clean” program where you get your carpets cleaned every six months for a little more than the price of one cleaning a year. This would be my recommendation for this scenario, every six months.

Now there are thousands of variables and frequencies between these two extremes but you likely fit somewhere between these two examples. Regular carpet cleaning will help keep your carpets clean and healthy. Even if you have a consumer grade carpet cleaner and use it to keep your carpets clean, it’s still a good idea to get your carpets cleaned professionally once a year.

And remember your home isn’t clean, until it’s Voy Clean!!