Our Lifetime Voy Spotters are great for getting red wine out of carpets!! Now if you have ingested the wine first then “spilled” it onto your carpets, there is a different process you will need to get that spot out.

You see one of the processes that carpet manufacturers use to color some types of carpets is the use of an acid dye. Red wine is slightly acidic but when it is mixed with the acids inside the stomach, it’s ph is dropped to the point where it burns itself into the fibers. Now you need a heavy oxidizer to remove the color as the colors are “acid locked” to the carpet fibers.

So how do we get these stains out you ask? If you want to know how you can get these stains out on your own I’ll tell you but I’ll also warn you that using an oxidizer boarders on removing the actual color of the carpet itself. You can easily overdue it and “bleach” the color out of the carpet. It’s a delicate balance of chemistry and applied heat.