Do you struggle to get your floors looking their best? Does there always seem to be a residue left over from cleaning or mopping that you just can’t get up no matter how hard you try?

Well believe it or not, mopping is one of the worst things you can do for the health and cleanliness of your floors. You see, when you mop you actually only pick up a small amount of the dirt from the floor in the mop head, and the rest is just pushed around in the soap as a dirty residue. The soap then dries to the floor leaving a sticky residue that attracts even more dirt and debris and now gets dirtier…..faster. You actually would have been better off not mopping at all!

The solution?? Have Voy Home Services come and professionally clean your hard surfaces with our empowered deionized water. This cleaning process strips away years of residue build-up and leaves absolutely no residue once it dries, leaving your floors truly Voy Clean!!