I stopped by this little barber shop in Old Town Tacoma and they had this sandwich board out front. When I read the sign I laughed so hard that half the people inside were staring at me when I walked in the door. You see, we fix DIY jobs too! When I sat down to get my hair cut I was talking with my barber about this specifically and showing off pictures.

The thing a lot of people don’t realize is that even though you can clean your carpets yourself, it’s still good to get a professional like Voy Home Services to clean them once a year to maintain the health and wellness of your home.

Why you ask? Well it’s because consumer grade carpet cleaners just don’t have the power to properly clean the carpets, the cleaners don’t have the proper ph and leave behind residue in the carpets that build up over time.

This picture was from a home where the homeowner thought they were doing a great job keeping the carpets clean with their Bissel Green Machine. They had been doing this for two years before they called us in because of a pet accident. They were amazed what our truck mount extraction and deionized water could do on their carpets.

And as always, your home isn’t clean until it Voy clean!!