I had an interesting thought today. I was cleaning a house that had been rented by some college students. The manager had put plastic down on the high-traffic areas in hopes to keep the carpets cleaner a little longer. They hadn’t really worked and had actually left a bunch of sticky residue in the carpets from the adhesive on the film. The renter had also smoked marijuana heavily in this room and we had to hot-fog it to try and remove the residual smell.

My thought had to do with camping. I’m talking real camping, out in the wilderness digging a hole to bury your poop camping. When you are camping, cleaning anything is more like triage in an ER. You take care of the worst of it and let the rest go. After a couple weeks you return home, noseblind to your own smell, and take a long hot shower. Often times you have to wash your hair twice to get the ick out. The water rinses dirty both times so you wash it again.

So many of my customers take the same approach to their carpet cleaning. Only it’s not when they get home that they clean the carpets, it’s when they leave. By then often times there has been enough damage that I can’t necessarily “clean” all the damage out as soil abrasion on the fibers has occurred. Thousands of dollars of damage has occurred to the carpets when a few hundred dollars in cleaning would have helped save them.

In these jobs we do have a special tool, it’s the CRB or Counter-Rotating Brush. The CRB is the difference between shampooing then immediately rinsing the soap out and leaving the soap in to lather heavily!! The CRB agitates the prespray deep into the carpet fibers and pulls debris up from the base of the fibers for an ultimate clean. It’s a bit like that “coming home from camping hot water full body scrub” that your carpets need, and makes a big difference.

On average we recommend you have you carpets professionally hot-water extracted every 8-12 months. Carpets are the biggest filter in your home and need to be cleaned periodically. Even if you have a home carpet cleaning unit, have Voy clean your carpets to help keep your carpets gleaming and your home healthy.

And remember you’re home isn’t clean until it’s VOY clean!!

So if you think your carpets might be in need of a good deep scrub, give us a call. Chances are, your carpets will thank you!!