How does your home service company protect your home?

Great Carpet Cleaning Companies Provide More Than Just Clean Carpets

Today I’m not going to talk about the deionized (DI) water, the years of training, or the IICRC certifications that make us great carpet cleaners. I just want to talk about the products we use that do nothing but protect a customer’s home. After all, shouldn’t a service company care about what happens to your house?

So many companies in this day and age are all about one thing; getting the job done as fast as humanly possible. Today I was in this home, and we cleaned some deep filtration lines from the edges of the stairs. The previous companies had told these customers there was no way to clean them. They really aren’t that hard if you know how, but that’s not the point. So many carpet companies are all about volume and need to get 8-10 services done in a day. This doesn’t leave a lot of time for addressing a customer’s concerns or taking care of some tricky filtration lines. Also, when you are moving this fast, how much are you missing?

Carpet Cleaner Must Have’s To Ensure Great Service

Let go over some items that are a must when having your carpets cleaned.

Voy Home Services provides floor runners while cleaning your carpets.1) Corner Guards – The vacuum hoses that are used on every extractor truck are like a cheese grater to any corner they come around. Whether its a painted corner or a hardwood trim corner, there needs to be something protecting the building product at the corners. Otherwise, you’re calling out a handyman to re-patch all this drywall and repair grated wood trim. Maybe you’re not gonna mention it, but would you ever call them back if they damaged your home? We are hoping to get a callback!!

2) Vinyl Rubber Mats – The solution line is coming into this home at about 230 degrees F and can easily damage the polyurethane coating on this beautiful hardwood floor. This nice couple is looking to put this house on the market next Thursday and would not be happy if this got delayed because the solution hose left an imprint in the coating.

We use the rubber mats on every job where we run over a hard surface, whether it be tile, wood, laminate, engineered flooring, etc. because we care that your life is not inconvenienced unnecessarily because we were careless causing damage to your flooring. Does your carpet cleaner use these tools? Let us know if they don’t.

Voy Home Services Door Barrier for Carpet Cleaning keeps your house sealed off while we clean.


3) Seal-A-Door Temporary Vinyl Door – We are actually one of only two companies in the PNW that uses these temporary doors (that we know of) and the other company started using it after their customers saw us do it and told them about it. These are a door made in Minnesota where carpet cleaning companies clean carpets in subzero weather. They are made to keep the indoor air inside the home and the bug outside the home while the carpets are being cleaned. It’s an amazing little device that never fails to wow a new spectator and if you’ve ever had your carpets cleaned during inclement weather, you will appreciate this temporary door.

4) Shoe Covers – I didn’t put this picture up to show how sweaty I get during a carpet cleaning job but to demonstrate that our standard is to wear shoe covers whenever shoes are worn inside your home. Shoe covers are a great way to make sure that we are leaving your carpets clean and fresh when we leave.

Voy Home Services Carpet Cleaning services in Renton Washington


The fact of the matter is this; there are a lot of carpet cleaning companies out there to choose from and they all claim to care about you and your needs. Ask yourself if your cleaner is utilizing the techniques mentioned above to protect your home while its being cleaned or are they just expecting that you wont say anything. Voy Home Services has the experience to know that these things matter. They matter to you and they matter to us.

And as always, Your home isn’t clean until it VOY clean!! Give us a call at (425) 272-2753 or book online.