Carpet cleaning inTacoma wa cleans the air and removes pollutants in your home.

Don’t Forget to Clean this Filter In Your Home!

Did you know your carpets are an air filter for your home and they needs to be cleaned often? Much like standard air filters their performance is drastically impacted by how clean they are. Since carpets are the biggest filter for your entire home, they filter our airborne pollutants like dust, dirt, pollen, and other fungi by trapping the different elements and keeping them from circulating in your home.  It’s easier to tell if you have light colored carpets, but you may have noticed a thin black line around the baseboards in your home.  This thin black line is the buildup of the different elements that are trapped in your carpet.

Clean carpets ensure quality air and clean surfaces.

When you vacuum your carpets, a typical home vacuum cleaner isn’t built to remove all the elements trapped in your carpet.  Overtime, your carpets will look more and more dingy, especially in high traffic areas and will begin to create a toxic environment in your home.  Homes with pets and lots of foot traffic require additional carpet cleaning support and service. Naturally more use requires service more often.

We’re passionate about keeping your carpets clean and we’re here to help!  We take ongoing cleaning training through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Thanks to our dedication and love of learning, we’re able to provide the latest and greatest carpet cleaning methods to your home. If a new and improved solution comes out, we’re the first carpet cleaning company in Tacoma to know about it! This gives you the advantage of a cleaner home in a way that’s even better for your carpets, rugs, and floors long term.

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