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From Commercial Cleaning to Expanding Residential Cleaning Services with excellent results

Nick Baker, Owner of Voy Home Services

Hi, I’m Nick Baker.  The owner of Voy Home Services.

We have been providing cleaning services to commercial customers since 2004.  We first started out as under the business name Northwest Window Cleaning,LLC and have built a long history of tackling the toughest jobs for the most discerning commercial clients. We decided that we would like to bring this skill to equally discerning residential customers several years ago and updated our brand to Voy Home Services.  Today, we provide both commercial and residential, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, soft-wash roof cleaning, pressure washing, and snow removal services.

Cleaning is not just a simple task. It is a science.

Most people think that just anyone could run a cleaning business. That may be somewhat true, but do you want just anyone in your home? We know you don’t.

We bring you the professionalism and white-glove treatment you deserve. And we know how to handle each cleaning challenge with a scientific understanding of the materials we are working with.

 We understand that not all surfaces are the same. Nylon carpet requires completely different methods than Olefin, Acrylic and Wool. We always identify the carpet type before starting to work on it. Different pile carpets have varied water resistance, and we know how to avoid using too much moisture; Moisture over time equals mildew. Your carpets will be dry in a matter of hours, not days.

A professional carpet cleaner uses a ChemSet to check PH level in the carpets to guarantees the best results. Carpets even vary in the processes used to color them. Some carpets are colored on the surface of each strand, some have color all the way through. If a carpet cleaner improperly identifies the surface they are cleaning, they can cause permanent damage.

Likewise, various stains require specific methods to remove them. One cannot just apply an all-purpose spot remover and expect it to work. Any all-purpose product is designed to be mild enough to avoid damaging carpet and upholstery, regardless of the type of fiber. This translates into it being ineffective against many stains.

We identify the stain, test it for PH, neutralize the PH, and only then can we be successful in removing the stain without removing the color from the fibers. Did the last cleaner you hired get out a chemistry set?

We provide "white-glove" Cleaning Services.

Voy Home Services include a white glove inspectionWe may not show up in actual tuxedos and white gloves, but most clients are pleasantly surprised at the care we take to leave their home better than when we arrived. That doesn’t simply mean cleaner, it also means undamaged.

We use items like corner guards to avoid damaging the corners in your home. We use temporary doors to block any external door that must be opened to allow our equipment through. We keep the outside out, and the inside in.

Did the last carpet cleaner you hired wipe down the baseboards after cleaning the carpets? It is the little things that make a huge difference. Our mission is to get your home looking its best. Visitors to your home should only notice how clean your home is rather than noticing that it was cleaned. We do our best to leave no trace behind.

 We hand-pick the technicians who will be working for you, based not only on skill, but on trustworthiness.

We select our technicians very carefully to ensure that you will be comfortable with them. We have a strict drug-free policy. We also conduct thorough background checks, because we refuse to send anyone to your home that we would not allow into ours.

This is important because of the various security concerns we face regularly.

We provide floor care to drug stores that must trust us with their products and inside their pharmacy. We clean windows for retirement living communities, which means that we have a responsibility to the elderly and vulnerable. We are entering the homes of people who have treasures at risk – be they valuable items, or their children. We simply cannot allow just anybody to do these jobs.

And we take it a step further. We periodically test our employees by intentionally providing a tempting situation, and they know it. And if they behave honestly, they are rewarded. They have every motivation to refuse temptation.

We, under the business name Northwest Window Cleaning, LLC have been providing cleaning services to commercial customers since 2004.

We have built a long history of tackling the toughest jobs for the most discerning commercial clients. We decided that we would like to bring this skill to equally discerning residential customers. We decided that the name Northwest Window Cleaning is limiting; we do so much more than window cleaning. With VOY, we are creating a new brand for our long-time experience.

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