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It’s not clean until it’s VOY Clean!

Professional Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services

VOY’s mission is to bring many years of commercial cleaning skill to residential clients, to guarantee that our services are done to your satisfaction, and to build long-lasting personal relationships with our clients.

Voy Home Services Carpet Cleaning services in Renton WashingtonIf you live or work in Renton or the surrounding Puget Sound area and are searching for an excellent cleaning company that specializes in cleaning carpets, windows, roofs and gutters, we know there are many options out there.  Your search is NOW over because we strive to be different in all the right ways. We provide a level of personal service that the national franchise chains cannot guarantee and our technical expertise exceeds most companies to provide a one-stop solution to tackle all of your toughest cleaning jobs that will make you proud of your home or business while protecting it for a long time.

We provide exceptional cleaning services for carpets, roofs, windows, and wood floors that is safe for you and the environment. Cleaning services can be challenging depending on the abuse, neglect, or use.  Arriving after another contractor has attempted to perform the same job and we’ve been brought in to further complete the job is not our ideal situation. However, we do enjoy meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. In fact, we have set a new standard that is hardly beat by any local Washington company.  With our years of experience and trained professionals, we succeed every time the first time.

Voy Home Services also provide pressure washing and in the winter, snow removal services and de-icing. 

Whether you’re looking for a onetime cleaning service or would like to establish recurring services we have options available. The saying is true that it is easier to keep it clean than it is to clean it rarely. And, if it is easy to clean that means it will cost less to clean it when it does need cleaning.

Elite Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Services

Voy Home Services cleaning a customer's upholstery using professional commerical cleaning equipment. Are you looking for a carpet cleaner that loves to provide intensive care to your luxurious rugs and upholstery products?  Our carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning service is second to none! Not only do we serve the Renton, WA community but travel to Tacoma, Puyallup, Kent, Federal Way and everywhere in between.

Our dedication to keep up on and use modern or advanced technology and techniques along with our attention to detail brings us to this level. Deep cleaning and high quality cleaning services are where we specialize. This level of service is beneficial for all commercial and in home carpet cleaning customers.  Not only do your carpets deserve a spa day, you’ll surely feel pampered with the look and feel of your soft, fresh, clean carpets that have had every type of dust, grime, and dirt removed in an eco-friendly method that says it’s “Voy clean.” 

Performing a deep clean on your carpets removes materials that are not desired which results in a better performing carpet that will last longer but more importantly, for the betterment of you and your family or employee’s health. Your carpets are the largest filter in your home or office and need to be cleaned regularly. Even though your carpet may not appear to be super dirty it wants a deep cleaning. Cleaning only the surface of the carpet provides false results. It’s like waxing a car that has rust underneath the paint. We all know that if we don’t resolve the rust under car paint it eventually comes through no matter how much shiny paint is applied.  

Expert Eco-Friendly Roof, Gutter and Pressure Washing Services

Voy Home Services provide soft wash roof cleaning to protect and beautify your homeLet’s face it, you want your property to look great and the roof, gutters, and siding are the first thing people see when they come to your home or business.  Removing moss or mildew from your roof, keeping your gutters cleaned, or pressure washing to remove the dirt and other elements are an essential part of complete home maintenance and keeping your home or storefront’s appearance up. 

Roof moss will loosen and deteriorate the roof by adhering to the shingles. Moss traps water, discolors, and destroys roofs and causes the roof’s life to be shortened tremendously. Our roof cleaning services come with sealing products to ensure sustained resistance against moss and other elements that damage roofing materials.

Clogged overflowing gutters are the leading cause of home water damage. When your gutters overflow, this causes dry rot around the roof edges and fascia boards and could get into your home’s or business’s foundation or basement causing structural failure.  It can also cause your landscape to erode and in the summer months, attract the breeding of mosquitoes.  With our gutter cleaning service, we can set you up on a regular schedule to have your gutters cleaned on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis to meet the requirement of your individual property.

While pressure washing your home or business may sound fun to some,  it often leads to additional property damage. The untrained use of a pressure washer often leads to damage to your paint, siding, or shingles that is very costly. Our team is trained to remove moss, mildew, algae and grime and leave the important parts of your property intact and looking great. We specialize in pressure washing driveways, sidewalks, patios, decks, siding and sport courts. 

Beyond the damage to your property, over 35,000 people end up in the emergency room each year from ladder accidents.  Let us do the cleaning!  

Snow Removal and De-icing

Snow Removal Service for commercial and residential customers by Voy Home Services We don’t get a lot of snow in the Puget Sound, but when we do, it shuts everything down.  Keep your home and business driveways open and safe with Voy Home Services’ expert snow removal and de-icing services.  Our team is fully insured and equipped to ensure your property is secure from any hazards that may arise during the adverse weather months.  

Voy Home Services Customer's Are Satisfied With Our Services

Customer satisfaction is important to us! Here is what our customer’s are saying about Voy Home Services. 

“Great service! Professional, quick, affordable. I would highly recommend them!” — Oksana Mulyukova

“I was very happy with how my carpets looked after Voy came to clean them. I am definitely using them again!” — Jamie DeFranco

“It isn’t often these days to find a business that stands behind their work. VOY does so in spades and I can’t thank them enough for their professionalism and quality work. They cleaned our carpets, roof, gutters, and power washed. Excellent!” —Dom S

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